Job Club Week 1

Welcome to Job Club

jobclubIt’s Week One, so we’ll probably concentrate our time on getting to know a little bit about each other and what Job Club can offer. If we progress to Week Two, we may actually start looking for work. Or we may spend the time learning Macrame as I feel it’s a very under-rated craft that is long overdue a comeback. Macrame is not to be confused with the Macarena. That is a dance and lessons are in a different room (subject to a small fee). I have however, left out some sign up forms for the Macarena classes if you feel that Job Club and finding work is not for you.

So, let’s begin. My name is Belinda. People call me Belly for short, and I will be hosting these sessions. Although I have no formal training or qualifications for this role, I have had a lot of jobs. Many of the companies I’ve worked for have closed down behind me and although I’m obviously sad that those businesses have been unable to carry on after my departure, I feel it really demonstrates my worth as an employee, (and not that I drove them into the ground as has been suggested in some quarters). When I’m not working, I enjoy classical mime, miniature golf and walks round my patio.

Job Club is a club about jobs, so you’re probably wondering how we will incorporate the word ‘job’ into our meetings. It’s a very valid question and sometimes the obvious questions don’t have obvious answers. Well, for starters I will try and use the word ‘job’ near the beginning of each session. Probably with the opening line; ‘Welcome to JOB Club’. You might also find I use alternative words that imply ‘job’, such as ‘work’, ‘role’, ‘position’ or ‘vocation’. But don’t worry if you don’t spot those, it’s something you’ll understand better if we proceed through to weeks 4 or 5.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s session. I know it may seem a lot to take in. But the knowledge you take away with you today will stand you in good stead for continuing your unemployment and know there is somewhere for you to go and feel like you belong. And if there is positive feedback, I will see you back here at a time of my choosing for another afternoon of JOB CLUB!


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