Job Club Week 2

Good afternoon everyone, here we are for week two of Job Club. I hope you’ve put to good use some of the skills we learnt last time such as finding other words that mean ‘job’ and what the definition of some of those words are. I also hope you’ve brought your own pens this week as I’m not Ryman’s and this isn’t Argos.

So firstly, we welcome new member Loopy-Lou. Not to be confused with the other Loopy-Lou who is a bona-fide children’s entertainer offering dance classes, face-painting and a full Ultimate Party Experience.jobclub

Shame to temporarily lose Brian. I’m sorry I didn’t see him standing behind my car as I reversed out from my parking spot last week. Not even when I shunted forward and backed out the second time. Unfortunate. So make yourself comfortable Loopy-Lou, Brian’s vacated seat is still surprisingly warm. You may recall from our first meeting that Brian wasn’t sure if looking for employment was quite where he belonged and so opted for the macramé taster class I mentioned. He tried desperately hard bless him, using some orange twine he’d found on the beach to create a modern macramé piece he titled ‘Ball of String’. Not really what I was looking for. I’ve brought in some examples to demonstrate the intricacies that the craft lends itself to and of the standard I am expecting. Anything else just isn’t macramé. Anyway, hope you’re soon back on your feet Brian. What’s left of them.

This week is all about Motivation. So…..
Give me an M
Give me an O
Give me a V

Oh, I can’t be arsed, but thankyou for that V everyone. Very sincere.

Well, that’s all we have time for this session. There are some motivational hand-outs to take away with you. I know how difficult it can be to sit at home all day watching telly and drinking tea, Let’s try to keep those spirits up. But not before noon, or at all if you’re driving. See you next week!


On your marks. Get set. Comment!

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