A Note From The Editor


Hello to all my lovely readers and followers. I just wanted to take some time out to say THANKYOU to all who have joined me thus far. I’m now six weeks in to my little project here. My aim is to provide some chuckles with heart. Which sounds like something from a rustic hipster brunch menu. Most definitely served on a wooden platter. Your chips will be in a tin cup on the side. So, six weeks since I went ‘full-frontal’, but many months if not years in the making. I just didn’t know back then what to make!

I have some content already written that will surface later in the year – one of the cornerstones of this journey. In the meantime I will continue to regurgitate, re-work and reveal material new and old. It will all be available to read once my team of proof-readers, printers and publishers (me) have deemed it fit for human consumption. I would love you all to keep up your subscription and dip in and out as your time and fancy allow.

The Lockwood Echo has no Facebook page, but there is a Twitter account whose content and subject matter is as random as the Echo’s. It’s a good place for me to rub shoulders with people I admire and subjects I’m passionate about. It’s very much a ‘work in progress’. And I’m still learning the lingo, it’s like learning another language. Not my area of expertise!

The world needs to laugh. Partly at itself and partly because so much of it is a joke. If I can put one smile on one face then all that wrangling over widgets and hyperventilating over hyperlinks will have been worth it. Thankyou again for taking the time and trouble to read.

The Editor


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