This Newsflash is being brought to you straight from the printing press, courtesy of our sponsors ‘Bizarre Real Life Stories’ and ‘Holy Crap What Just Happened Here Events’.

The Editor here at The Lockwood Echo (li’l ol’ me) has succeeded in having a small (350 word) piece of writing published in a diddy e-book on Amazon. Catching details of the project only days before the submission deadline, it’s been a month’s wait to learn if the piece was included. And indeed it was!

Not very flashy news so far you may be thinking. Especially amongst an audience of experienced, accomplished, polished and published readers.

The flashy element is provided by the ‘Project Manager’, if you will. The person who requested submissions for this little e-book to celebrate their 60th birthday and to pave the way for their forthcoming new publication. The person who chose me and 19 others to grace the electronic pages of their little cyberspace production;

Dawn French. I have a piece of writing in a book with Dawn French’s name on the cover. I feel like I’ve been endorsed by the Vicar of Dibley. And it feels good 🙂

I’ve been torn between whether to make a big deal of this, or whether to just drop it into a sidebar somewhere with grace, humility and modesty. But then I thought I’d be stupid crazy off my head if I didn’t shout about it a bit. After all, it’s the bloody Vicar of Dibley people! 50% of French & Saunders!

I may have peaked 😉

HERE is the all-important link for the FREE e-book. Available to download from Amazon now for FREE. Did I mention it’s FREE?

One comment

  1. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat! ???
    Excellent. Huge congratulations!
    Dawn French? ? Um, OF COURSE you shout it as loud as you possibly can!
    I’d have written a book ABOUT THE book by Dawn French that I was featured in.
    Amazing. Good for you! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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