Real Neat Blog Award


September has started off in surreal style 😉 Firstly THIS, then THIS, and now THIS (see featured logo). Sorry, need to mention THIS again because it’s the most awesome thing that’s happened to me, possibly ever. Though I did once meet Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode. I held his ironing board whilst he signed his autograph.

Anyhow, super-chuffed to say my nominator is Honest K, one of my favourite reads. She’s Scottish and Sassy and a little Smart Assy 😉 With brazen honesty (the clue is in the title), Honest K’s style of writing is sharp. And blunt. And she makes me proper laugh out loud at stuff I have no experience of (childbirth and being a mother), but it doesn’t matter because I feel every emotion, pain and joy as I read.

I was very kindly nominated recently for another award and paid it forward so, as I am still finding and collecting blogs to follow, I shall take this award and walk quietly into the sunset with no further ado. There was a questionnaire element, forgive me for not partaking. As open as I will sometimes be, I’m a fairly private person. Plus it may blow my cover and air of mystique, (I’ll pause whilst you wipe the mixture of tea and soggy biscuit crumbs from your nostrils!). But I had to thank my nominator, encourage others to go check her out, and also take a peek at the others nominated. If you’re reading this and think you too would like this award then just take it. Slap it on your website and tell the world you deserve it. Because you do 😉


On your marks. Get set. Comment!

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