anarchy-1543808_1280A four-letter word. A subversive word. A ‘Do-It-Yourself, on a low budget, no qualifications or training required’ word. A ‘stick your two fingers up at the world cos you’re doing your thing now, your way and it doesn’t matter if it’s not sophisticated and no-one else likes it’ word.

That’s how I see my writing. I’m not a writer. I’m someone who laughs at her own jokes. I’m not a poet, I’m an uncultured, not very well read, tie myself up in knots if I think too deep ‘also ran’.

Despite all that, I’m going to use some literary terminology and some words what rhyme.


KERPLUNK; Noun. Played but never owned. My memory is so utterly shot that I can’t remember if you win by collecting the most marbles or by preventing them fall. Anyhow, there’s always a winner, there’s always a loser. A game with pointy sticks and balls. Kerplunk; a metaphor for life.

CLUNK; Onomatopoeia. The sound that’s made by my heart far too frequently. I don’t mean my actual banging in my chest ‘let me outta here’ heart. I mean my ‘Holy Crap I don’t know if I can be arsed’ heart. It’s the sound it makes when it falls down to my boots every time I read the news. Or have to leave the house. Or get washed and dressed.

BUNK; Verb (in this case). To do a bunk, a runner, a disappearing act. Don’t you want to be a naughty imp and just not show up?

STUNK; Adjective. I look around at the world and it Stinks. But that doesn’t rhyme with Punk. Let’s look forward to a day when, in this context, the past tense is the only description to use.

SKUNK; Noun. Still on the theme of Stunk. Pepe Le Pew. Also a term used in Cribbage, the most randomly ruled and scored game I’ve ever played. On paper quite complicated, yet strangely addictive. I have to be reminded of how to play the most basic of card games at each time of playing, but Cribbage sticks. Odd.

DUNK; Verb. Witches, Doughnuts, Choccy Hob-Nobs. And my second favourite arcade game; Basketball.

SUNK; Adjective. Beyond help, done for, washed up. The verb is at the bottom of the sea. Some of my happiest memories are of being in, on or under water. The sea is my ‘fix’. My drug of choice. And I hear it’s cheaper than crack these days.

JUNK; Noun. The stuff in my head. Jeez. Thinking of having a yard sale. Don’t know if people would pay for any of it, but I could lay some of it out and see if there were any takers. Got a whole pile of musings on ‘Films of the 80s’ that may interest some. And a rather large collection of thoughts on ‘Modern Consumerism’. There’s always a stuck song available, but buyers beware, contents may vary from description. That, I’m afraid, is out of my control. I can’t be held responsible for what you walk away with.

Well, that was a peculiar post wasn’t it? But it’s made my day. Punk. 😉


    • Thankyou 😉 One of those ideas that presented itself in the middle of a sleepless night. A little snippet of some things I love, I enjoyed spilling it. Suspect it will be a recurring theme. Most of my stuff revolves around ‘Losing your job and how to have a laugh about it’. Much more pre-written venom to come there 😉 But trying to throw some other quirky bits and bobs into the mix. ‘Stuff In My Head Yard Sale’ is begging to be given its own corner’! Thankyou for reading 🙂

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