My little ebook featuring ‘The First One’ on the front cover.


Sorry to pester you folks again, but I’ve written a little ebook and it’s just been published and is available NOW to download from Amazon. It’s a personal account and is…….

‘……. a book full of Happy Tails. The story of how dogs can find themselves lost or unwanted and at risk of being put to sleep just because they no longer have somewhere to call home and how an army of volunteers help them into rescue, ready to find their Furever Families.’

I would love you all to take a peek, even if just to go ‘Awww’ at the photo of the dog on the cover. Or cheat. He’s just down there. He was my first passenger as I volunteered to transport lost/abandoned dogs from death row to rescue. All royalties are being donated to Animal Lifeline UK who work directly with animal rescues, dog pounds, pet owners, volunteers and other organisations throughout the UK to help save animals and promote responsible pet ownership.

That all important Amazon link;



    • Oh, bless your amazing comment, that’s made my day! My current situation means I’m rarely available with a car to help on transport runs now, so this was a different way for me to try and help. There’s a huge army of volunteers that get involved with animal rescue and many people don’t realise what goes on behind the scenes or indeed how big a problem we have regarding lost/abandoned/unwanted dogs. This is only a diddy little ebook and I’ve never done anything like this before! But it was fun to put together and now I’m not too scared to have a go at another one 😉 Thankyou again for your lovely words 🙂

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