Glitterati: The A List

Many moons ago, back in April of this year, I posted A Note From The Editor #3 (that’s me) just as a little thankyou to all who pick up The Echo and a recap of why it exists. I also included a bit of a peek behind the scenes; just who is it that types up this stuff and presses ‘print’ at very irregular intervals?

I intended the peek to be a post of its own, but I got carried away and tagged it on to my thankyou. I was feeling courageous that day, for reasons still unknown.

So forgive me now for shovelling out repeat content. I want this piece to have its own page, as there may be a follow-up in the offing. If you haven’t read it previously, it’s just me allowing my veil of anonymity to slip a little. I don’t want my shyness to be mistaken for aloofness. Nothing could be further from the truth. I took a big glug of Brave Potion (or Gin, if you prefer to use the Latin) and published some photos of the real me. The photos I’ve chosen happen to be with some very famous people. Normally, I’d cringe at those who constantly name-drop, but over the years I’ve hobnobbed with the Glitterati and rubbed shoulders with celebrities, (interested now aren’t you?), so hope you don’t mind if I show off a little.

These pictures are very special to me. They bring back some amazing memories of ‘The Day I Met…………..’
Sadly, some of these famous faces are no longer with us, making these photographs all the more sentimental…………..

Me standing next to a giant street advert featuring Brad Pitt. My identity is hidden behind a cartoon face with pink hair.
© The Lockwood Echo

Was surprised to bump into Brad on a shopping trip. Didn’t even know he was in town. I chatted for a while, before asking if it would be ok to have my photo taken with him. A true gentleman, he remained perfectly composed and didn’t once bitch about Ange.

© The Lockwood Echo

The day I met Dr Who was a whirlwind day. No sooner had we shook hands, than an intergalactic emergency presented itself and The Doctor whisked me off in the Tardis on a mission to avert the destruction of all humanity. He was kind enough to drop me back home afterwards and let me keep the personal protection equipment as a souvenir of my travels.

17545225_1292780147475626_6253543696917314575_o - Copy 2
© The Lockwood Echo

Amy Winehouse was an absolute doll. And about the size of one too. Despite her extroverted and sometimes brash exterior, I found her to be exceptionally quiet. In fact, I don’t recall her speaking the whole time we were together.

11710009_849619295125049_5160562027147099778_o - Copy 2
© The Lockwood Echo

The Queen. I have the ultimate respect for our Queen and the extraordinary work she does for our country. I curtseyed as best I could considering I’m only a commoner. She seemed pleased with my effort.

11705475_856835227736789_5536349243312337210_o - Copy 2
© The Lockwood Echo

Elvis. Some celebrities are not how you expect them to be in real life and Elvis was much larger than I’d imagined. The camera can really play tricks on perspective. Still managed to steal a cheeky kiss and I have to say he tasted delicious. Another quiet one, but that is often the way with international superstars. Especially after they’ve died.

11707970_849619165125062_4850756143291246901_o - Copy 2
© The Lockwood Echo

Fresh from filming (actually, not fresh at all and in much need of a bath), Chewbacca took time out of his busy schedule to meet with his fans. I’m not one of them. But my partner is. Again, the camera lies, as this guy was much shorter than he’s portrayed on screen.

10492958_684506291636351_2471360326935360312_o - Copy 2
© The Lockwood Echo

RoboCop is not as scary as his films make out. He’s a real pussycat. Apparently much of what you see is done with special effects, or ‘FX’ as they’re known in the business. These showbiz types do make me laugh with their funny jargon and electronic voices.

1025933_479449168808732_193543311_o - Copy
© The Lockwood Echo

And here I’ve saved the best for last. David Bowie. Through my brightest and darkest days, this man has been there. Taking me to heaven and guiding me through hell. That’s a heck of a thing for a stranger to do. Being face to face with your hero is truly magical. It’s a day I will never forget.

So there you have it. Now you have a better idea of the person behind the persona. I hope no-one is feeling envious that I’ve met with so many famous people. It’s just the circles I mix in and the life I lead. It looks glamorous, but it can be quite tiresome. Despite their wealth, not one celebrity has ever offered me a drink and it’s always down to me to make conversation. I sometimes wonder if it’s worth it.

Just when you thought it was all over, you are now compulsorily invited to visit Glitterati: The B Side.


    • I’ve just realised my first reply to you way back when, was as if you were commenting on a different post. Just spotted it and correcting now! Glad you enjoyed this. It was fun to put together. Do you make use of alternative text on images? I think I’ve set them up right so that there is a description for anyone who would like it or anyone that uses a screenreader. As the humour of this relies on being able to see the photos, it would be useful to know if the descriptions are useful/too much/not enough? I’m gradually working my way through and putting descriptions on all of my images.
      If Munch could read, he’d understand the mirth 😊


  1. I read this on the bus yesterday and was cracking up. I am sure people were staring. I don’t care. I was in laughter bliss and they were grumpy fucks going to work. You are so funny! I am going to read the B list now….

    Liked by 1 person

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