Shiny Shiny Awards

Hot Diggety Dog. I’ve not long packed away my posh frock than I find myself invited to another Award Ceremony. Actually not true. The Awards have been on stage waiting for my appearance and acceptance speech for some time, I’ve just been too lazy to brush my hair and book a taxi. But I’m here now, so before my nominators change their minds and snatch back my shiny prizes let’s get on with the party.

In previous Award Ceremonies, I’ve confessed to not playing by the rules. I am totally respectful of the awards, the grace with which they’re given and feel honoured to be in receipt. All of the following nominations carry a Q&A element, of which I’ve been too shy to partake of in the past. But just for fun, I will selfishly cherry pick some questions from each one here and let’s see if we can all learn something and maybe have a bit of a giggle. I’ll try to make that at my expense.

A bright yellow sunflower and the words 'Sunshine Blogger Award'First up; Miss Jay at Jay’s Brainstorms has thrown some sunshine at me via a Sunshine Blogger Award. An award that is offered to bloggers who are ‘creative, positive, and inspiring, while spreading sunshine to the blogging community’. Ain’t that peachy? Ask anyone who knows me in real life, they would probably not put sunshine and me in the same sentence, but I love my sunshine award! If you’d like to visit Jay, you will find someone who writes from the heart. Open and honest, on sometimes difficult subjects, Jay shares her experiences and thoughts, always with humour and some Brazilian sass.

My pick of the questions;
What is your favourite beverage? (It doesn’t have to be alcohol).
Shoulda scratched the ‘doesn’t have to be alcohol’ bit, then my conscience wouldn’t be pricked and no-one would judge me for picking alcohol. So my answer; Alcohol.
I don’t know how available these are internationally, but one of my favourites is Sidekick’s Cookies & Creme. Only to be found locally at a drugstore! I’ve also discovered Manchester Gin’s Sweet Violet. A beautiful mauve gin that tastes of Parma Violets. So, as you can see I like my drinks to taste like sweets. For non-alcohol, it’s tea. Nothing fancy or fruity. Or green.

Is there something you’ll always stop to look at when walking around?
Dead things. How did it die? Should I move it? Will it get eaten? Should I offer a minute’s silence?

Liebster Award logo, black writing within a white diamond on a gold shimmery background.Secondly up; Tom Being Tom. (You’ll never guess his name). Another far-flung follower who pitched a Leibster Liebster Award my way back in June. And I’ve yet to spell it correctly first time. It is my first Leibster Liebster nomination, so I was super chuffed and went all giggly with the news. I go to Tom (yes, that is actually his name, came as a surprise to me too), for news and updates on all things social and political on the American side of The Pond. Proper grown-up debate happens over on his blog and it is SO insightful and interesting. Now, I know that I’ve risked you hitting the snooze button because you don’t want politics, you want fun don’t you? Well, go see Tom for that too. This man is on a mission to grab life each day, trying not to spill his beer whilst doing it and spreading happiness wherever there’s an opening. One of my favourite blog finds.
My pick of the questions;
Are alien species visiting the earth?
Hell, I hope so. Otherwise how do we explain this shit? (I have a post coming up about aliens. It’s my blog, I’ll plug when I like). Some on this planet have no grasp of humanity, they really must be from beyond the Milky Way. And just go to your kitchen cupboard. Clingfilm (Saran Wrap). Alien lifeform. I rest my case.

When you were 11 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was 11, I wanted to be 18. Or one of Charlie’s Angels. I wanted to be the blonde one, but I knew in reality I’d be Sabrina. Sorry, was this a serious question?

Liebster Award logo on a pale green round background
same award, different logo

Thirdly up; Robbie Yates lives in a land Down Under. Self described as ‘Children’s Author and Writer of Ridiculous Poetry’. I can prove this is true via my nomination for another, stand by your beds, I gotta spell this AGAIN ……. Leibster Liebster Award;

I have a bit of intel
Some info, if you will.
I hope that this precipitates
Some happiness and thrill.
I’ve named you for a Liebster
A kind of blog award
And when somebody gave me one
I was quite chuffed and floored.
A part of this whole process?
You’ve got to write a post.
And that, for some’s, the reason
They reject the Liebster most.
So if you will accept it,
I hope you find it swell,
But if you just ignore it
I’m fine with that as well

And so I responded, in verse of course…….

I’m dancing on the ceiling
My heart is filled with glee
How utterly butterly marvellous
That you’d consider me

I have another pending
Would you consider it Fair Dinkum
If I honour them together
And somehow maybe link ‘em?

Awards bring out the imp in me
I play fast & loose with rules
But I pay forward all the lurve
And deal my giver all the cools

So thankyou once again kind Sir
It’s truly made me tingle
And prodded at my improv skills
To respond here with a jingle

My pick of the questions;
Of all your clothing, what is your favorite piece?
For practicality, underwear is a must. Never comfortable without.
For sheer ‘don’t tell me what to wear I’ll wear what I like here’s two fingers for you world’ rebellion, I’m never more happy than in my New Rocks. Not big black Marilyn Manson-esque New Rocks. Mine are rock chick red cool stomping bad girls. So heavy, on account of the metal heels, that they also give my legs a pretty good workout. The weight also lowers my centre of gravity, helping me from falling over if I had too many sweetie flavoured alcoholic drinks. I’m wearing them in pretty much every photo in this post.

Now which is better, ‘the Lion King’, or ‘Grease’?
GREASE! I was only 12 when this came out and was in hospital. The doctors let my Dad take me to see it. I’m sure my Mum would’ve come too, but she was also in hospital. For unrelated reasons.

Now that I’ve thanked my nominators, let’s wrap this ceremony up by paying forward this huge honour, respect and recognition. Previous award ceremonies and people on pedestals can be found here, here, here and here. The following are just a pick of some recent peeps that have piqued my interest, tickled my funny bone or epiphanied the heck out of me. If you see your name here, there is nothing for you to do other than sit back and bask in the new adoration that is about to come your way.
In fairest alphabetical order…….

Actual Conversations With My Husband

A Year Of Living Kindly

How Bad Can It Go


My Dang Blog

Rocket Fuel

Silence Killed The Dinosaurs

So thankyou again everyone for my awards. I need a cabinet now to put them in. I hear there’s one in London up for grabs…….


  1. Deftly handled, said Tom! And please, y’all, go see Tom for his political talk, sure, but also for his uplifting positivity, his chronicles of life, his boasts about friends and wife, his beautiful golden retrievers, stunning societal observations, book reviews, challenge requests, wry, dry, hysterical humor and, most of all … his unmatched humility!

    Tom will thank you, magnanimously. 😉

    Really, though, great job on the awards … each and every one richly deserved!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats! Well deserved!

    And thank you for nominating me! I’m so sorry I didn’t find this earlier. Looking at the date on this, it seems I was internet-absent for personal reasons at the time. But I saw it go past on twitter recently, so here I am!

    And I’m also sorry because I’m not going to accept. I decided a while back that I don’t do these awards because the acceptance/renomination posts don’t fit with my website format. I’m still super chuffed to be nominated. I hope you understand.

    Liked by 1 person

    • My award ceremonies are always a ‘paying it forward, look at these peeps’ affair. I don’t play by the rules therefore I don’t invite people to go through the process. I totaly get it. So you were already off the hook 🤗. I acknowledge any nominations myself out of respect and spirit and made a promise to myself I would always pay forward just to highlight some of my favourite finds. I too am having a forced hiatus, hence dragging up old posts just to keep my hand in! Hope all good with your world now. Welcome Aboard! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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