Our Little Green Bug

A tunnel style, microfibre-poled green tent pitched in a field. Luminous yellow guy-ropes. Background of attractive foliage and flowers.
Using a photo from a previous trip to best show off why we call it our Little Green Bug. © The Lockwood Echo


Camping has happened.

There was some weather.

And then there was some more weather.

The winds cranked up to 50 mph.

It was intense.

It was IN TENTS!

I usually keep my poetic capabilities well-hidden.

Some may say very well-hidden indeed.

Barely on show at all.

But I’m so in awe of our Little Green Bug and how seriously it takes its duty to shelter, I simply had to use my phenomenal lyrical skill to pay homage to what others may see as just a lowly tent.

Brace yourself for some sophisticated grown-up words wot rhyme…….



All Hail our Little Green Bug
Our tent, with the polyester hug
Hydrostatic head
Keeps us dry in our bed
Double-seamed, to deter any slug

Its paramount duty to shelter
Has proved it to be a real belter
Steadfast and true
Letting us enjoy a brew
Amidst floods or a rare summer swelter

Mother Nature has thrown it her worst
Hail, thunder, strong gales and cloudburst
But camped safe within
Taking it all on the chin
As our Bug groans ‘Hell, these two are cursed!’

Our last trip near gave us a shock
Severe was the wind-induced rock
We hung on for dear life
Poles strained with the strife
We could hear each one screaming ‘Oh Fock!’

But it all held together; stood smug
As the storm tried with one final tug
‘Safe Haven I be,
For Miss Lockwood and He’
We heart our brave Little Green Bug



  1. This is WONDERFUL!! I think you’ve proven yourself here both as a poet and an outdoorsperson. Glad you survived the tempest, and that your Little Green Bug endured as well to shelter you for another season.

    PS: We could hear each one screaming ‘Oh Fock!’ HAHAHAAA! 😀

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    • Our Little Green Bug did suffer a minor fracture on dismantling. All fixed and ready for the next adventure, possibly/probably in a couple of weeks. Gluttons for punishment that we are! I can’t do proper poetry, there are some very skilled peeps out there with a command of language that floors me. But limerick style ditties and me do go back a very long way (within my personal circle). I’ve only aired something of the like once here before, but if I can create a laugh, maybe I’ll be brave and offer some more 😉 Thankyou so much for your comment. Later this week, I will be dispelling that myth that I’m ‘outdoorsy’!

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  2. Dude. Now you are just showing off with your mad poetry skills! Ha! LOVE IT! I need to get myself a green bug like that…it looks bigger than the apartment I am currently residing in. I love camping and especially when you can hang out in comfort and safety while the storm blows through. FUN!​

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    • We LOVE our Green Bug. It was such a good find. Our old tent was a traditional solid frame and canvas one. Very retro. With a flowery orange curtain. We put that through some weather too! Always surprises me how sheltered you can be against the elements with nothing but the thinnest of fabric flysheets between you and the outside world. I’m currently airing the Bug in the garden as we had to pack it away wet. Quite sad seeing it flat on the lawn. It looks exhausted!


    • Ha! Thankyou Tom. If only I’d known earlier in life that making people spit out coffee would bring me so much joy, I’d have published shit poetry sooner ;). I enjoyed putting that one together. The Little Green Bug will be putting in a reappearance here later this week, maybe even today (if I could stop reading all the Twitter and getting angry with our politicians).

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        • I get sucked into topical debates. I find it a good place to learn and understand opposing opinion. But it does eat time. It’s why it takes me so long to catch up with blogs because I like to comment on my faves and read comments. Twitter ties me up in knots, always worried I’m either annoying or not interacting enough. I miss lots because most of my follows/followers, like yourself, are in an opposite timezone! Luckily I have a quiet job, allows me some reading time 😊.

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    • Well I’m assuming as a proper poet you probably read quite a lot of poetry each day, so I will take that compliment, give it (and you) a hug and pop myself up on that pedestal where I clearly belong. OR is it still really really early in the day there and it’s the only thing you’ve read? Our Bug cuts quite a dash, rugged but cute. 😊

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  3. Back in the 90s, we had a used Hillary my wife bought at a garage sale. I liked to refer to it as the portable oven. It was amazing how long that thing could hold heat after the sun went down.

    Loved the poem.

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    • Thankyou. It was supposed to be far sillier when I started, then the full emotion for our Little Green Bug kicked in 😉. It surprises us how sheltered we remain inside when the wind/rain/frost is doing its worst outside Thankyou for popping by and commenting 😊.


  4. I camped in college once. I ended up sleeping in my car due to fear of spiders. I camped at Joshua Tree one other time and made it through the night. I was starting to think I liked hiking, especially out on a beautiful hike, and then I saw it. A sign for Tarantula Crossing. (I need some Duh duh DUHN! movie sounds here.) I’m glad your green tent kept you safe from wind and spiders!

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    • I had a horrible experience as a child with a spider in a tent, but our Bug is really good at keeping the bugs out! Only the odd tiny flying something wanders in if we have our front ‘window’ open. Sorry that the wildLIFE is putting you off experiencing the wild! Totally heard your soundtrack in my head 😊.

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