The 12 Stones of Christmas – Revisited

Merry ChristMonth Everyone! Yes, it’s a thing. I have such a love/hate relationship with Christmas, as I’m sure most of you do, but on the whole I try to throw myself into it, even though sometimes the emotions can overwhelm. I’m not a religious person. Christmas for me is very much a time to pause, take stock, be thankful, feel grateful and look around at the world. I also celebrate this mid-winter festival with feasting, colour and hope. In that order. I allow myself the poignancy and depth of feeling that Christmas brings, remembering loved ones lost and reflecting on all that the year has brought.

Enough with the soppy stuff Lockwood. You are here to re-blog something funny from last year. And as you’ve never re-blogged one of your own posts before, you really should concentrate on the present.

Ooh, present! I wonder what Father Christmas will bring?

So, here’s a little giggle for you. Go with gusto unto the celebrations and stay safe my friends!

The Lockwood Echo

croissant-648803_1920It is officially ChristMonth Eve so feel completely justified in launching myself full throttle into the festive season. I suspect most people, like me, have a love/hate relationship with Christmas. Let’s focus on the love. Whether you’re in the ‘Ickle Baby Jesus Gang’, one of the ‘It’s All About The Telly And An Excuse For Another Gaudy Tree Bauble Tribe’, or a fully paid up member of the ‘We Must Stuff Our Faces With Fattening Food And Drink Ourselves Silly Till The Sun Returns Club’, the depths of winter (for us in the Northern Hemisphere at least) is a time that brings us indoors in search of warmth and light. How and where we seek/provide that warmth and light is as individual as ourselves. And there is no right or wrong about it. Just don’t be blowing smoke where it’s not wanted or shining lightbulbs where they’re not needed, (dive deep…

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    • I love love LOVE Christmas, but it also breaks my heart. Everything is magnified. What better reason then to take comfort in whatever form we can find it, and let others celebrate, or not, as much or as little of Christmas as they feel is right. Glad you got a chuckle, it was fun to write, albeit based in truth 😉

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  1. Great stuff! 🤣

    Like you, I love Christmas. Like you, I don’t believe in the religious aspects of it. I’m all about the hope and the joy and the lights and the beer.

    That last part can be enjoyed with anything that ends in -time, by the way. 😉

    Merry X-Month, Lockwood!

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    • Merry X-Month Tom! I definitely lean Pagan in midwinter. Someone commented in my local paper, quite angrily, against people hanging Christmas wreaths on their doors and probably not even knowing the true meaning. For a start, wreaths have been around longer than Christmas, and yes I have a wreath on my door. Why? Because I like it! Surely ‘ickle Baby Jesus wouldn’t mind that. 😉

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  2. I like christmas much better since I stopped watching the TV. Now it’s limited more to December I can get ihto the spirit more. Plus we usually get to close the shop and have more than one day off in a row which is nice!

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    • I love the build up to Christmas more than the day itself. Christmas Pasts have been amongst my worse days ever, I dread the day for the memories, so now try to focus on the good stuff. In retail it’s so hard to avoid Christmas once the summer holidays are over. I bide my time, but once December hits, I’m full on twinkly lights and Snowball drinks! 😉 Thankyou for stopping by and commenting 🙂

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