A Charlatan Christmas – Regurgitated

Add my thoughts it says. That would involve thinking, so I’ll skip that part.

This grand experiment of mine has offered little to its readership of late. What to do about it?

‘Well Lockwood, you could summon up some wit and wisdom, maybe some humour and heart, and write an interesting, informative, irresistible post.’

Thankyou Conscience, I’ll have your opinion when I…….err…….ask for it. Damn, tripped myself up there.

Or I could just re-hash some old shit that had a Christmas theme. Here then is Madame Charlatan, visiting her soon to snuff it Mother and taking something disgusting delicious to eat.

Talking of delicious. About 47 years ago, I enthusiastically agreed to partake of Claudette at Ceenoa’s idea of using WordPress’s daily search suggestions as a prompt for a post. The enthusiasm was genuine, however time has played tricks with me and here we are just a couple of weeks from the end of the year and I’ve not written a sausage for ‘SOD IT’ (Suggestion Of the Day). But I keep my promises and bookmarked today to make a start. WordPress has kindly offered Delicious, Beach and Astrology. Not as wild and random as some suggestions have been, so maybe I should be thankful for that. So whilst I sit here and wait for a creative spark to electrocute my behind, I will leave you with the aforementioned Charlatan Christmas…….

The Lockwood Echo

Madame Charlatan. Telling Misfortunes under a fog of musk and a cloud of fag-ash…….

floured-surface-71357_1280I’ll be visiting Old Mother Charlatan later this week. As you may recall, she’s now in a care home and I go along every year to join in their festive frolics and spread some Christmas cheer. The staff at the home are very good. They decorate the main lounge and encourage everyone to get involved with a game of charades. There’s always a sing-song and someone always gets overexcited and wets themselves. Crackers are no longer allowed after an incident in 2008 when one elderly lady died from the shock of the bang. Very sad day. And the sherry is now rationed since 7 residents were found getting frisky in the disabled toilet. They may never have been discovered if one hadn’t accidentally pulled the emergency alarm cord whilst trying to adjust her footing on a…

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  1. I didn’t even know about the WordPress daily searches thing! I’ll have to check it out.

    When I’m stuck, I like to open a blank Word document and type out “Think of something.” Then I make myself sit there and stare at it for up to five minutes, and something is bound to pop into my mind!

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    • The suggestions show up at the top by the search box if you go into your Reader. Sometimes they are really odd! I’ve never used any kind of prompt before as I only write when I’ve already been inspired or am adding to one of my existing themes. Others that I follow have found some really great prompt sites. That’s a great tactic you use. Focuses the mind enough to come up with something but not too much to restrict creativity. And it clearly works 😉

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  2. I, too, was bursting with enthusiasm when Claudette offered up her concept those 47 year ago, and I, too, have failed to get anywhere near completing even one post on the matter. (I suppose I should be confessing this to Claudette, but nonetheless.) Perhaps we will both reach that first milestone together, racing across the finish line with joined hands held high. Of course, everyone in the viewing stands has probably gone home, but nonetheless… 😉

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