300 Days Old. Again. Nearly.

Back in May of this year, The Lockwood Echo celebrated being 300 Days Old. I know it’s conventional to mark anniversaries with a more annual number, but that’s not how we do things here. So I threw out some thoughts and statistics, secretly hoping no-one would judge me for working out my blog was 300 days old.

In the subsequent comments, it was mooted that I keep up this unconventional tradition and maybe celebrate TLE’s 525th day. Just for fun. I agreed. I did counting. And 525 days from this fake newspaper’s birth is Boxing Day 2018. Today.

My Boxing Day schedule is as follows;
Food, drink, telly, food, food, drink, food, telly, telly, drink, food, drink, drink.

None of which leaves room for self-inflicted writing obligations.

I could compose something delectable and deliriously funny in advance, then schedule it to appear; choosing Boxing Day on the calendar, one of the very clever tools afforded to us here.


I could re-present ‘300 Days Old’, a post I very much enjoyed putting together and one that newcomers may value as the moment they decided this blog was not for them.

So here it is.

May I take this opportunity to wish all my readers and visitors a very Merry Christmas. If Christmas isn’t your thing, then I hope you had a great Tuesday.

Regardless of our position, situation, beliefs in life, come the 31st we will all find ourselves jumping over the midnight stick into 2019. Let’s hope for a peaceful, fair and rational New Year. Although it will take a lot more than hope for our wishes to prevail. Whatever 2019 brings, we will endeavour to be our best, be our kindest and continue to meet here every now and then for virtual cookies and chat. Stay safe all.

P.S. I’m not here for the numbers or the humble-brag, but who wouldn’t feel proud as punch to reach any kind of milestone. Especially when I initially turned up just to vent my redundant spleen. My next prized milestone will be 10,000 views. By the end of the year? We’ll see 😉.

P.P.S. I fully accept 10,000 views doesn’t translate as 10,000 reads. Or that they were enjoyed. But at least folks were interested enough, by a word or picture, to click. The actual definition of click-bait. Back pedal Lockwood. Back pedal.

P.P.P.S. The irony now being that I wrote this on Christmas Eve and have indeed scheduled it to appear on Boxing Day, whilst I proceed with the food, drink, telly, food, food, drink, food, telly, telly, drink, food, drink, drink. Such a lazy Lockwood.

The Lockwood Echo

A tray of chips with a wooden fork, on a wooden bench.

The Lockwood Echo is 300 days old today.

To celebrate, I’m spending the day doing very little. I had a practice run yesterday. It went quite well. Admittedly an unconventional anniversary, but I don’t want to regret missing an opportunity if I don’t make it to a full year.

300 sounds like a big number and so I started thinking about comparisons, to help give it some perspective. Was 300 worthy of a celebration?

(This post will be categorised and tagged ‘ODD‘. So if ODD isn’t your thing;
a) You took a wrong turn somewhere.
b) Where’s your sense of adventure?
c) Did you ever notice that ‘Odd’ has an odd number of letters and ‘Even’ has an even number? No. Why would you? You have a life).

So. I have the number 300 to play with.

If it was a bus, I could pootle round London’s East…

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  1. Happy 525th Anniversary, LE! That makes you sound old. Maybe I should say Happy 525th-DAY Anniversary, instead, so you’re not confused with some mature adult elf who has lived all these centuries but still looks forward to several centuries more.

    No, I like that idea. You, as a wise elf. So let’s stick with the original salutation:

    Happy 525th Anniversary, LE! Live Long and Prosper! 🖖🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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