Lucky Dip

A yellow number 'two' hand-painted on a tarmac road.
Image by Hebi B. from Pixabay

The WIP title for this piece was originally Ducky Lip. Why? Well, that’s a question I may be unable to answer comprehensibly. This little spoonerism just sounded funny to me and I thought it would be eye-catching. ‘Ooh, that looks like a fun read’, said Everyone, curiosity getting the better of them. And as the viewing stats racked up, I would bask in the glory of my wittiness, interrupted only briefly whilst I quickly looked up the meaning of spoonerism.

‘But it isn’t called Ducky Lip, it’s called Lucky Dip’.

Well-spotted Everyone. Yeah, about that; I ditched the spoonerism because recent delvings into the Blogosphere has thrown up the word ‘Ducky’ on surprisingly more than one occasion. ON OTHER BLOGS! I’m not going to name names but, how very dare they? I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if someone thought I’d appropriated a word coined elsewhere. So even though my Working Title had been in existence for a few months, my stressy head has been in existence longer and will not allow the coincidence to ride. Does anyone else tie themselves up in knots over stuff like this? The use of a phrase, theme, term or unusual word that you’ve completely independently struck on, only to find someone else has done the same and pipped you to the post. I read a book recently (and I’m not actually a huge book reader; shock, horror, hold the front page), where there were a few out-of-the-ordinary wordages that by sheer fluke I’d used in my own writing. I was mortified, thinking I could be called out by someone who’d read both and be thrown in Plagiariser Prison. It really played on my mind.

So the official title is the un-spooned Lucky Dip and here’s why;

I thought it would be amusing to take a look back through The Lockwood Echo and shine a dim torchlight on some of my personal favourite lines because…….


No-one is more surprised at that fact than me. I got very reflective on my first anniversary. It was an emotional affair;

‘Most of my family and friends were unaware I was meddling in aerodynamics and fake newspapers as a way to express myself.’

If you’d like to read the whole post; ‘Carpe Diem‘ can be found here.

As birthdays and anniversaries are the celebration of Self, I’ve decided to abandon shyness. And dignity. And this is where the Lucky Dip element comes in. Each line I’ve chosen is headed with a link to the original post. Sometimes the line is as good as the post gets. Sometimes the line is a reflection on the quality of the whole piece. Sometimes you will be hideously disappointed. Dip in to find out. You’ll find True Life Stories, Made Up Stuff and more than a smattering of Silliness. We don’t obligate readers here at The Echo, you are your own decision-makers, but maybe one of these quotes will pique your interest, plus it gives me the chance to encourage you to visit some pages you had hoped didn’t exist. At the very least it’s a list of out-of-context chuckles.


In no particular order;

Christmas Redundancy – Day Two
Breakfast; Curly Wurly. Not as nutritious as it sounds on account of all the holes. Think they’re referred to as ‘empty calories’.

Not Another Tale From Camp
The Wee Hours. Camping reinforces why they’re called the Wee Hours. Regardless of how little you drink after 4pm, you are guaranteed at least one trip for a wee to an unlit building 400yds away in the middle of holy crap it’s dark out there.

A Note From The Editor #2
We sat captivated by the performance before us. And we loved it. We didn’t get it. But the people next to us did, and that was good enough for us to justify the ticket price.

For my part, I was wearing my lucky knickers. A black thong. Resembling an eyepatch and about the size of one, I thought the Pirate in Johnny would appreciate the sauciness, the tribute and the metaphorical splicing of the mainbrace.

The Rabbit Hole
You will work naked and speak only French.

Let Battle Commence #2
It was only an afternoon, but 4 hours is a long time to spend alone with someone who thinks you’re responsible for her best friend’s divorce.

You Don’t Got Mail
Before making your new email address public, we highly recommend you test it with someone you can trust, because we will fuck this up for you good and proper.

A Charlatan Funeral
There will be no hearse. The funeral ‘procession’ will see her coffin floated across the town’s boating lake, pulled by swan-shaped pedalos.

Easter Redundancy #2
Of course, what I really wanted to do was rub dog shit in their hair.

Glitterati: The A List
Another quiet one, but that is often the way with international superstars. Especially after they’ve died.

Job Application; Occultist
My abilities are quite far-reaching and I have become proficient in all areas of Fortune-Telling (or Sooth-Saying, if you prefer the Latin), and have a keen interest in Telekinetics. Especially when used to frighten the shit out of people.

Do Not Feed The Fish
The reality of the wetsuit fell very short of my fantasy………………..instead of exuding the sultry look of a Lamb’s Navy Rum Girl, with cleavage bursting through a teasingly low zip, I resembled a badly twisted balloon animal. Mostly black, but with shades of bloated where my face and hands used to be.

The Book Wot I Wrote (opportunity to purchase your very own piece of mediocre Lockwood talent).
It’s only a wee thing. No big deal. 5000 words, 2000 of which are really superfluous padding; acknowledgements etc. There are photos too. Which are mostly shit. Apart from the ones not even taken by me. And it doesn’t quite look how I’d hoped, but hey, I’m a book-publishing virgin. Oh, did I mention it’s for CHARIDEEEEE. And it’s about dogs. It’s quite cute.
And to think people employ publishers and literary agents to get the publicity and promotion just right. Who needs that? (You do Lockwood. You need that.)

Job Club Week 7
If you want to be a Power Ranger and it’s been your burning ambition since you were 28, then we won’t let a minor detail like them not existing in real life stop you.

The Darkroom Days
The downside of the job was having to view all the general public chose to photograph and some of it was a bit grim, or left little to the imagination! But we had stickers for that.

Easter Redundancy Diary #3
Instead of sending my email via the internet, I sent Boudicca on a Chariot of Fire, complete with some hot pokers for prodding.

There There There
As my reaction had been lax and not as excitedly fast as it would’ve been had I accurately heard him shout ‘Deer Deer Deer’, the Deer Deer Deer had now Gone Gone Gone off into the Wood Wood Wood.


There is no charge for a rummage through my back catalogue. But there are no loyalty points either. I’m not running a tombola here. I do hope you enjoy your Dip. If you’d like an overview of the whole shebang, Hot Off The Press is my homepage, just to give you the chance to wonder ‘why on earth has she used a picture of a walrus on this one?’.

My two years here have been cathartic and sanity-saving. To each and every one of you who has read, engaged, or offered up your own world for us to see. I thank you. I thank the stars for aligning us and for all the wonderful, weird, wordy connections**. You’re all just a bit bloody brilliant.

*As clarified in an exchange with Cecilia over at Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks, there is no correct spelling for Birth-a-versary. I used a completely different selection of letters for my first one. It’s a celebration with a free-form alphabet at its heart.

**Special shout-out to Mr Lageose of Bonnywood Manor. A Kingpin (Queenpin?) amidst this Glorious Gaggle.


    • I believe his blog is how I found yours too! Finding Bonnywood Manor was an epiphany moment for me, and I’ll be forever grateful it (and its creator) exist. It brought me to a world where I felt at home and comfortable; to be myself, to stay true to my voice and to be a bit braver. It confirmed I had totally made the right decision in starting this. You only have to look at those who congregate there to know it’s a special place to hang out. Thankyou so much for dipping and for being one of the ‘Bloody Brilliant’. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Well done getting to two years Ms. Echo. I can see – and have seen many others in your comments – many entertainingly funny and choice phrases have been turned in that time and look forward to reading more fellow language loving loquaciousness in future… Maybe in a crystal ball.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh, language loving loquaciousness. Love that. Loquaciousness is a word not used often enough. So delicious to say. I do hope I can muster enough prose to continue for many a year. I shall have to track down Madame Charlatan to see what’s lurking in that grubby crystal ball of hers. Thankyou so much for being amongst the brilliant. Your subscription has been automatically renewed for another year. 😉


  2. Not sure I feel comfortable rummaging in the back end – oh, sorry got the worng idea about the invitation -….anywho, moving on.
    I love your blog, love it. It makes me smile, smirk, and giggle – so bloody happy blog-a-versary to you.
    Just reading your dips made me smile stupidly – this is good btw.
    I am feeling slightly anti-blog-time at the moment, so honestly probably won’t go back and follow the links, but know that I loved the snippets, and remeber reading some of them prior.
    Much thanking that i found your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my heart. Your comment has absolutely made my day. And I’m so glad the post worked as a stand alone, I don’t wish to take up anyone’s time or make them feel obliged to read 😉. I’m sure I speak for many when I say your corner of beauty and creativity is much missed, but I totally get the need to switch priorities or take a break when your heart’s not in it. Thankyou so so much for taking the time to pop in and comment. Truly appreciated. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    • You have arrived via the proper channels! That line is one of my favourites, unfortunately it was all true. I knew this lady enough to say hello to, our paths crossed occasionally in my previous job. But I’d forgotten the memo my partner sent about the connection to his ex-wife (who he’d split with before we’d even met)! As the pennies dropped that afternoon, I decided to speak up. We cleared the air, corrected some myths and she was SO supportive as I learnt the ropes. I still see her and we always chat 😊. But there is a books worth of material from that whole period! Thankyou for dropping in!

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  3. Congratulations on both your endurance achievement and the fine selection of vintage wordage that you have arrayed for our selection and enjoyment. I just have one question: Why aren’t you more famous? Clearly something is wrong in the world if that peskily incessant JK Rowling can get all the glory and you don’t. Or maybe you do. Maybe you ARE rich and famous and I just don’t know it. Which leads to a second question: Why haven’t you sent ME any of that money? It’s the right thing to do.

    But I’m not bitter.

    For the most part.

    Kiss, kiss.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Damn it Brian, you’ve discovered the reason for my anonymity! Already famous but really bored. There’s only so much money one can spend in one day, it becomes tiresome. So maybe I will send a few pennies your way. I’m sure I can fix it so it’s tax-deductible. Call it a retainer. Or charity. Either way, please keep this secret to yourself. There’s only so many fires one can light with all those begging letters. Good to know that two years is considered ‘vintage’. Surely that should command higher fees.
      Kiss, kiss. 😉

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  4. I was expecting a recipe for dip? Shame on you for disappointing me so. 😉
    No worries, I forgive you. Hilarious as usual and huge congrats on reaching another milestone. It only gets better, or so I’ve heard.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry to disappoint. My cooking skills are not teachable. And I don’t think you usually cook dip, so you’ve had a lucky escape there really. Thankyou so much for the birthday wishes and thankyou for being one of the Bloody Brilliant too. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, bless your cotton socks! Thankyou. And thankyou for being part of The Lockwood Echo’s Press Gang (which I think is an exclusively British term, which you’ll find isn’t wholly wholesome 😉). Your subscription has also been renewed for another year; FREE OF CHARGE!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I loved the blessing upon my cotton socks. Sign me up for anything not wholly wholesome, I live for that! And I’m honored to have my subscription renewed for free. I love free stuff, who doesn’t? Here’s to many more years!

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