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Generic newsprint with words such as 'News', 'Headline', 'Le Monde' etc.
Image by Steve Howard from Pixabay

We are getting reports the Editor of this fake newspaper was spotted boarding a plane at a UK airport. We are waiting on ground crew and cabin staff to corroborate information from our source who says our Editor was also spied five days later, disembarking a return flight. One eyewitness alleges to have photographic evidence, although we are yet to verify identification.

The airline in question has been approached to substantiate the claims, but has so far declined to comment.

Here at The Lockwood Echo, we’ve had EXCLUSIVE access to this unfolding story. Our printing of ‘Tripping’, ‘Bricking It’, ‘Getting On a Plane with a Stranger’ย and ‘Braced’, caused controversy amongst some readers who found the suggestion of an impending flight difficult to believe.

As we await confirmation of this breaking news, our lawyers will be working hard behind the scenes to obtain first publication rights for the full scoop.

More details as soon has we have them.


    • As we have managed to take roughly 1000 photos over a 5 day period, I think it’s safe to say there WILL be pictures ;). I’m thinking of doing a gallery post that hopefully will speak for itself. That may be some time away yet, but I thank you for your enthusiasm and will do my best to fulfil your wishes :).

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