The Editor

who-2549178_1280Me? Well, I share the name of an established author, so instead have chosen Lockwood as it’s a family name to which I’m christened. The Echo is what rattles round my head, and the whole is a magazine style blog that I hope is entertaining. The Lockwood Echo was born from a collection of random musings and a wish to collate what I thought may be of interest or side-splittingly funny.

Using humour to deflect rage or feelings of misjustice and trying to make people think I’m wickedly witty has been a game-plan of mine for many a year. It’s self-preservation when life hits melting point. It’s also not healthy to bottle up so much sarcasm. It’s best I let it out.

Sadly, a lot of the stuff I will write about is true, albeit presented in a particular style for amusing/dramatic effect.

I studied photography back in the day. You know, proper photography where you had to fumble around in the dark in a room full of chemicals! Anyhow, the magic of a captured image emerging as it swished around in a developing tray has remained, even in the digital age, so this will be a lovely excuse to show some off and make my fledgling masterpiece here look far more interesting than it really is. I’ll highlight what’s mine, just so you know that the really good stuff is someone else’s work.

You may also find a smattering of amusing observations, rants from my soapbox and unbelievably stupid things that I’ve found myself saying out loud. Of which there are many. But I have also found room to share some more poignant pieces which hopefully demonstrate my more caring side, otherwise it’d be harder to justify the bitterness! Enjoy!


  1. Nice get to know a few things about you!

    Lockwood will forever remind me of Singin’ in the Rain- one of my absolute favourite films.
    “…it’s Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont ! ”
    Sorry,I digress! 😂

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    • And thankyou for being my first ever commenter! I too have enjoyed having a nose around at others, very much enjoying your site. Although not double-barrelled as a surname, Lockwood is part of my given name. I’m retaining a little anonymity on the Echo, but my whole name is a marathon! The only famous Lockwood I’ve heard of is Margaret Lockwood the actress. Singin’ in the Rain – great film, tho it always brings to mind the Eric Morecambe comedy sketch 😉

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    • Hi, nice to meet you! Hope you find something that tickles that funny bone then. Some of it’s odd. Some of it’s odder. Some of it’s angry 😉 But there are (hopefully) many giggles to be found. My aim is humour with heart. Happy to be bookmarked for the future and I will reciprocate the visit 😊


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