welcome-704058_1920So this is my front page and very first post. Better make it a good ‘un to pull in the punters. Something full of witty banter, humorous observations, quirky facts and perhaps a dash of sentimentality to make all the readers think ‘Aww, that was proper lovely. We’ll keep an eye on this one’.

Let’s work through that checklist then;

Witty Banter; Me and my other half, usually on a car journey, often comment that the conversations we have would make really good comedy sketches. We’re so naive, we really think we’re that funny. But who isn’t? It’s the everyday chat that is often the most hilarious. The sit-com relies on it. But I digress. For the purpose of this little piece here, I cannot for the life of me think of one funny thing we’ve said. Ever. Not one. In 13 years. Nothing.

Humorous Observation; Why is it when we dash to cross the road as a car approaches, we do that little running thing but then slow to a walk as we get towards the other side? Just as that approaching car is at its nearest and most dangerous!

Quirky Fact;  Miriam Margolyes, more recently and popularly known for being Professor Sprout in Harry Potter, was also the voice of the Cadbury’s Caramel Bunny back in the day.

Something Sentimental; I cry at everything. I cry at other people crying, I cry when they’re happy, I cry at any advert with an animal in it, ANY kind of emotional song. Loud noises make me cry (think the roar of a jet engine, fireworks, thunder). I cry at goodbyes. Between people I don’t even know! And let’s not even start on the Disney films. I think perhaps I’ve confused the word ‘Sentimental’ with ‘You do this everytime, you’re so embarrassing. I can’t even look at you. In fact I don’t even want to be seen with you!’

For my other offerings, head to Hot Off The Press or take a look through the Sections menu. It’s early days and I’m on a MASSIVE learning curve here, so treat me like a 5 year old till I look like I know what I’m doing and I better understand the difference between a post/page/menu/widget/left elbow/backside etc 😉