CVs; Be careful not to include any hobbies that could potentially alienate you from a work environment. Medieval torture, dust mite collections, gravy stain photography and human hair crocheting are classic examples of interests that are best kept under wraps, practised privately and not disclosed to your would-be employer. Or the Police. Or Social Services.

To get me through a particularly trying time, I opened up my very own Job Club and invited a few close friends along in the hope of improving our employment prospects. It was just a bit of fun.

However, the bitter fingers that typed these words were really exorcising the demons of actual events and experiences.
Here’s how it went;

Job Club Week 1

Job Club Week 2

Job Club Week 3

Job Club Week 4

Job Club Week 5

Job Club Week 6

Job Club Week 7

If you enjoy sarcastic stabs at real life, there is sadly much more where that came from. May I invite you to jump into The Lockwood Echo’s WANTED. NOT WANTED section, the venomous and vindictive home to my redundancy saga. It’s a chronological account, however each link can be enjoyed in isolation. There is some venting, some heart-pouring but copious laughter. Go dip.

On your marks. Get set. Comment!

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