Red and blue sunglasses, covered in sand, on a beach.

The Lockwood Echo’s Travel Section is here for all your holiday needs. Travel hacks, secret hideaways, getaway deals; you’ll find everything you need to plan and book that perfect vacation.

Not really.

What you’ll find is mishaps and mayhem. Mostly, Camping Trips and How They Went Wrong.

Many of you will be familiar with the kind of disasters that strike those rare few days you have each year to spend with your loved ones. But utilising the age-old comedic technique of ‘It’s The Way I Tell ‘Em’, I give you free rein to laugh at our misfortune, poke fun at our misdemeanours and if you find it so funny that a little bit of wee escapes, well, I’ll take that as a compliment.

These are all true stories so sit back, relax, and choose from what will be a growing list of unfortunate events…….

Then There Was That Time…….We Had To Call The Rescue Helicopter

Then There Was That Time…….We Woke Up To Floods

Do Not Feed The Fish

Our Little Green Bug

Not Another Tale From Camp

Then There Was That Time…….Down Under

Then There Was That Time…….We Rescued A Dog


Bricking It

Then There Was That Time…….I Got On a Plane With a Stranger

Then There Was That Time…….We Took a Day Off


!Breaking News!

Tripped Part One: Embarkation

On your marks. Get set. Comment!

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